Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

TKM mocnik & Bonner Orcas a Cappella (on Orcas Island, Washington) hosted Damijan Mocnik as composer and director-in-residence and then performed his compositions at the Orcas a Cappella Song Share 07. This young Slovenian composer is gaining international recognition for his work, which is often liturgical and decidedly religious. Dennis Bonner, director of Orcas a Cappella, conducted this interview with Damijan Mocnik and gave us permission to post it! This is a rare opportunity to get inside the head of a living, working composer. Mocnik offers gems of insight into his artistic process and the musical and religious traditions from which he draws his inspiration. Pass this one on to artists everywhere. (A special thanks to Anthony Richardson of Light Source Video on Orcas Island for the audio recording).