Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

People are asking me about the theme for KindlingsFest 2012: CRABBED Age and Youth Cannot Live Together: Towards Creating An Intergenerational Future In A Fragmented Age (Artist: Aleksandr Kharon. Title: Old Man and Boy)
It is one near and dear to my heart. I'm an older man who sees great promise in the future generation thoughtful, creatives for whom God is of central importance. I was young once and my life was estimably enriched by those who went before me, who I admired and trusted.
Since the beginning of time older and younger generations have asked if they can live together.  (Shakespeare coined the phrase, "Crabbed age and Youth” in a poem by that title.) Today we live in a fragmented age that separates us into demographic groups by our age. We see this in culture and in faith communities.
At The Kindlings we know it was not always so, nor do we believe it should it be. From ancient times the aged and youth have been encouraged to know one another, learn from one another, create with and love one another.
The Kindlings is devoted to rekindling the spiritual, intellectual, creative legacy of Christian in culture intergenerationally so it stands to reason this theme is close to our hearts. At K-Fest 2011 some 20 ands 30 year-old's felt their voices weren't represented adequately and we knew they were right!
SO 2012 KindlingsFest is aimed at exploring the challenges and benefits of creating a richer intergenerational future. As always KindlingsFest 2012 will offer a synergistic mix of spiritual, intellectual and creative approaches to this theme with younger and older artists, speakers and panelists.
Few subjects are more timely and important~so join us as we make merriment, art and memories while advancing this discussion:

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