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John De Graf, producer of the PBS special "Affluenza" and co-author of the book by the same title, is joined by Tom Sine futurist and author of "Mustard Seed versus McWorld" and Jennie Spohr producer of TKM, filmmaker and volunteer with Intertnational Justice Mission for our discussion of Affluenza. In what is being called "Christmas creep," retailers are introducing the Christmas shopping season earlier and earlier, now even before Thanksgiving. It isn't like Americans need more stuff. If as George Carlin says, "A house is a pile of stuff with a cover on it," we've got plenty of stuff. As a matter of fact "America's 103 million households currently contain and consume more stuff than all other households in history put together." "Thirty-four percent of Americans polled in 2000 rank shopping as their favorite activity, while only seventeen percent prefer being in nature." Something is wrong with us, we suffer a disease, a disease dubbed Affluenza.