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TKM canadaYour friendly neighbourhood Kindlings host, Bill Hogg is joined by Kindlings regulars Allyson Jule and Kevin Miller who engage in lively debate with special guest,  Dave Diewert. Dave Diewert, is  a founding member of Streams of Justice, and is  actively involved in raising awareness about the homelessness crisis and fighting back against it.  Allyson Jule is Associate Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. She earned her PhD at the University of London: Roehampton in the UK and taught in Wales for 6 years before returning to Canada. Kevin Miller is a screenwriter with three feature films and several shorter film projects to his credit. His most recent productions include Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and the upcoming documentary With God On Our Side, which takes a critical look at Christian Zionism.

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  1. I don’t get why the Muse keeps on having Kevin Miller on. He is widely known for producing a movie – Expelled – that was extremely deceitful, inaccurate, and full of venom and attack. The movie implicitly sought to discredit science and to explicitly paint science in league with the Nazis. He’s a guest I’d expect to see on Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh- not on a progressive podcast like the Muse.

  2. Hey Jedidiah!
    Good to know you listen to the Muse and that you are a card carrying member of the Kevin Miller fan club!
    I wonder if you watched a different movie with the same name? Expelled uses the Berlin wall as a metaphor for the divorce of faith in God and scientific inquiry , which are deemed by people like say,Richard Dawkins to be mutually exclusive.
    Why don’t you watch Expelled agian and give me your thoughts on the head to head between Dawkins and Ben Stein.
    Meanwhile if you listened to the Olympics podcast you would note that Kevin Miller was a moderating voice in the discussion where Dave Diewert demonized the Olympics and Allyson invited us to party on!
    Peace out

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