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TKM Buchwald A Dick Staub Interview. When people ask me about my most memorable interviews, Art Buchwald is one that comes to mind. He died this week (January 17, 2007) and my thoughts immediately went to this interview taped September 10, 1996). This excerpt from the NYT Obit captures so much of what I enjoyed about this interview. "Once described as a "Will Rogers with chutzpah," Mr. Buchwald found enthusiastic readerships on both sides of the Atlantic. Early on, he became nearly everyone's favorite American in Paris for his satirical column in the European edition of The New York Herald Tribune. When he returned from overseas to write a new column, from Washington, he became even more popular. At its peak, it appeared in some 500 newspapers. He delighted in stirring the pot " never maliciously, always vigorously. The world was mad (or at least a little nutty), he said, and all he was doing was recording it. He did it so well that he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1982. 'The joy of his column was not that it was side-splitting humor,' his friend Ben Bradlee, the former editor of The Washington Post, said last February, 'but that he made you smile.'" I defy you to listen to this interview and not smile at least once!