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Considered  at one point for KindlingsFest 2014 “Come To Your Senses,” Norwegian film “Blind” by director Eskil Vogt  follows the story of Ingrid who has become blind in adulthood and her perceptions of reality without sight. The film explores our understandings of seeing. Do we really see those closest to us or do we only see our imagined perception of them? What does it mean to be truly seen? Are we only truly revealed when we are seen by another person?

It’s a controversial film, in part, because of it’s graphic imagery, but this very issue provokes a need-to-hear discussion between our film reviewers. Listen to host Dick Staub, Author and Professor Dr. Jeff Keuss, and  Josh Staub - Visual Effects Supervisor at Disney Animation - as they delve into a film they all feel is a must see but struggle to recommend viewing it because of the nature of the issues it addresses. In the end, is this a film you must see? Listen and find out!

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