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Lewis at DeskTonight we take up the subject of C S Lewis view of Jesus As Lord In this pluralistic age where political correctness dictates the embrace of all religious claims as equally valid, many find exclusivistic claims about Jesus as jarringly inappropriate. For CS Lewis the uniqueness of Jesus was the central driver in his personal transformation. He would have agreed with Karl Barth who said once, "Tell me your Christology, and I will tell you who you are." CS Lewis offered a clear Christology. To help us explore Lewis thinking is Rev. Earl Palmer, pastor of University Presbyterian Church. Dr. Jennifer McKinney, Seattle Pacific University Sociology Professor. Matt Sheddon student at Mars Hill Graduate School.

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  1. How did Lewis approach the problem of evil in that Christ disarmed evil on the Cross yet God allows it to continue?

  2. When the film The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was released, the New York Times book critic questioned Lewis’ moral character. Can you separate what Lewis wrote from his actions?

  3. It has been claimed that Jesus is Lord and pulls the disparate pieces of life together. If so what are the primary criteria by which we should evaluate whether or not this is actually accomplished by Jesus or other contending religions?

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