Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

lewis in chair Many of you read Staublog at the start of the day---Maybe you're hoping for some advice to help you survive another crazy day. The best advice I can give you is to slow down and sink deeper roots in God before you go into the world. Great productivity is preceded not by frantic activity but by our quiet un-frantic response to God's presence. A few years ago I heard an expert on CS Lewis describe the secret of Lewis's productivity.

He said: Lewis style of spirituality was a rhythm of worship, work, reading, and leisure. This is an unfrantic response to God who is, as Lewis insisted, always a courteous Lord. Life-style is revealed by the use of time: what is given place and space; what is included and what, therefore, is excluded. What we see in Lewis is the steady place of his parish church; the quiet regularity of his Bible-reading and prayers; the natural large place for his main work of study and writing; the large blocks of time for leisurely conversations with special friends; and the importance of letter writing, especially with those who sought his help in the matter of Christian pilgrimage. For all of his immense output of literary work, his life is marked by a spacious, un-frantic rhythm of worship, work, conversation, availability, and intimacy.

A lot of people ask me how to manage their way Through the craziness of today's popular culture--- How to make discerning choices about film, tv, music and entertainment, and there are practical tips and I try to understand and communicate them. But nothing is more important than knowing what should be given place and space; what is included and what, therefore, is excluded.

I ask myself how much time and space would Lewis allocate for television? movies? video games? I ask myself which book wouldn't have been written if he had gotten hooked on 24, American Idol or Survivor. Oops there goes Mere Christianity! Oops there goes Screwtape Letters! Can you hear Lewis say, "No time to write Lord, I'm watchin' TV!"

I ask myself which letter he wouldn't have answered? Or which conversation with Tolkien would he have missed At their favorite hangout, the Bird and Baby pub? In today's fast-paced world if you want to live an un-frantic life, You have to make some tough decisions about the use of your time. If you want more space for things that matter you have to make less space for media and entertainment.

Living an un-frantic life in response to God makes all the difference in the world.