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jerry root In this show we explore CS Lewis' view of encountering reality as based on his quote from "An Experiment in Criticism" where Lewis says, "In coming to understand anything we must reject the facts as they are for us in favor of the facts as they are." Lewis scholar Dr. Jerry Root says this amounts to "adjusting the scoliosis of our souls to the plumb line of reality."

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  1. Might a way to contextualize our understanding of the infiniteness of God be to realize the infiniteness of those we see, know and love around us? Or, for Lewis, would that even count as spirituality?

  2. Abuseres coming from abuse is not the same as the abused becoming abusers. In that sense the meaning/origin of reality is not universal in individual outcomes. The statements are not logicallly reciproocal nor is it prudent to “believe in Christianity” and “see everything by it,” but rather to see by Christ’s illumination of “eternal reality” that by definition “we cannot know.”

  3. Who was Lewis speaking to? Congruity in the world: inside and outside Christianity?

  4. Given the deep knowledge of literature Lewis possesed, how would he respond to contemporary Evangelicalism and its obsession with the Bible to the exclusion of great literature?

  5. Would you say that CS Lewis is a discipler and not an evangelist?

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