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Not I - Joachim Fest Starting the fall 2014 season, Rev. Earl Palmer discusses, Not:I Memoirs of a German Childhood by Joachim C. Fest – an intimate account of life under the Third Reich through a child's eyes. Fest's father is a "conservative Catholic teacher, opposes the Nazi regime and as a result loses his job and status. Fest is forced to move to a boarding school in the countryside that he despises, and in his effort to come to terms with his father’s strong political convictions, he embarks on a tireless quest for knowledge and moral integrity that will shape the rest of his life and writing career."

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  1. I would be curious about the authenticity of the e-mail Dick describes as coming to him via a friend of a friend. There have been a number of variations on this story making rounds on social media since August, but the wording of the e-mails is nearly identical in each case. Some people have noted that the specific facts of this story have not been verified and that some details may even have been fabricated. Check out:

    I don’t want to deny that persecution of Christians exists. But one does have to wonder if this one is trumped up to look worse than it is – or to intentionally create anti-Arabic hysteria.

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