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KindlingsFest is taking a break in 2016 When: TBD    Where: Eastsound, WA.

But you can register for SummerFest on Orcas Island 

 Click Here for More Information about SummerFest

SummerFest JPGWhat is SummerFest 2016? With The Kindlings on sabbatical and not sponsoring a KindlingsFest this summer, The Orcas Island Community Church asked speakers Malcolm Guite, Jerry Root, Stephen Newby and worship leader Jeff Johnson if they would participate in a scaled down version of the KindlingsFest during same week K-Fest had been scheduled. They all said an enthusiastic YES and the result is SummerFest. SummerFest is a weekend event sparking the synergy of spirit, intellect and creativity. There will be an afternoon of prayer and conversation about the future of the Kindlings on Thursday afternoon.


WinterFest March  2017  TBA