Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

Pat Wright TEGC We welcome Patrinell Wright founder and director of the Total Experience Gospel Choir along with composers and conductors Marcie O'Donnell and Stephen Newby to enjoy some music and reflect on the subject: Gospel Choirs in Secular Culture: Why is gospel music celebrated and embraced in an irreligious age? The Total Experience Gospel Choir is a Seattle fixture. Formed in 1973, the choir's membership grew to 108 in the first two months. Today, the youngest member is 6, the oldest 62. The choir has performed from Portland to Paris, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Sydney Opera House. It has won more than 150 awards and has performed with such artists as Ray Charles, Quincy Jones , Pete Seeger and the Dave Matthews band. Recently the choir traveled to Louisiana to do volunteer work by day and free concerts by night.

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