Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

It's been twenty years since Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and the rest of the Seattle Music scene established a new musical genre dubbed "Grunge" music.  In this show host Jennie Spohr,  Dr. Jeff Keuss and photographer Karen Mason Blair explore the music, the culture, and the personalities that were behind the Grunge scene.

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  1. Great podcast, guys!

    I’d like to pick up on one point. This draws a parallel between grunge and the emergent church, which I appreciate. And then the point is made that grunge has succeeded where the emergent church cannot. I see it completely the other way. In grunge, there was no defining direction to point toward. There were just a bunch of guys pointing at the institution, and saying “Not this!” When the sound was played out, the audience generally moved on to the next thing that tickled their ears.

    The ripples of grunge and emergent are felt in much the same ways. In essence, the establishment is still being toppled.

    But in the case of the emergent church, there is also a pointing to. There is a reclaiming of scriptural humility (a.k.a. uncertainty). There is a reclaiming of forgotten traditions or historically eschewed understandings. There is also a kind of intentional abandonment of empty tradition just for the sake of tradition, and a recasting of the divide between secular and sacred. The impact within the broader church community may be a slower burn than grunge’s garagebands, but its effects may prove to be more prevalent, partly because there are not as overtly linked to trendiness.

    We can’t see there from here, or then from now. But I’m enjoying the journey. 🙂

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