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halo-2- Games are revolutionizing the entertainment world and among game-makers Bungie is the premiere developer of original entertainment IP. One year after the release of Halo 2, the extent of their success was captured on their web site with the phrase. "We're like McDonalds! Billions and billions served." In this episode of The Kindlings Muse we explore the subject: Halo: Games as Interactive Storytelling. In segment one we visit with Marty O’Donnell, award winning composer and Audio Director at Bungie Studios. In segment 2 we introduce CJ Cowan, director of cinematics at Bungie Studios and Matthew Koenig of Seattle Pacific University. In segment three we add audience questions from our live audience at Hales Ales Brewery and Pub.

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  1. Between you and other gaming-oriented composers such as Jeremy Soule and Jesper Kyd, music in modern games is matching and often surpassing that of movies, using technologies such as music that changes depending on what the player does – what’s next in gaming audio?

  2. Bungie doesn’t do product placement.

    We also don’t tend to think to much about “targets”. However, most of our games seem to appeal to people like us.

  3. The Halo games can take anywhere from 12 to 30 hours to finish for most people. Many enjoy playing multiple times at different skill levels.

  4. Probably nothing revolutionary, simply evolving better interactive audio and music. It would be interesting to see the A.I. being able to understand the player’s speech.

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