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On the afternoon of March 29, 2002 the world was shaken when an 18 year-old Palestinian girl and suicide bomber, entered a market where she detonated a bomb, killing herself, injuring 30 and killing a 17 year-old Israeli girl in what has become known as the  Kiryat HaYovel supermarket bombing. No one was shaken more than the mothers of the two dead teenage girls, who shared so much in common and yet whose differences brought them to their untimely deaths. In her thought-provoking documentary, To Die In Jerusalem, Director & Producer Hilla Medalia puts a human face on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through two mothers, who struggle to cope with the event that put them in the center of an intractable geopolitical conflict. After conversation with Hilla, we are joined by John and Ed Priddy, producers of the film. We then turn to audience questions.

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