Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

Each month Reverend Earl Palmer selects a book every thinking Christian ought to read. In this episode host Dick Staub and Rev. Earl Palmer discuss James Davison Hunter's "To Change the World" Subtitled: The Irony, Tragedy and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World. Hunter is A Professor of Religion, Culture and Social Theory at University of Virginia He is also the Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and the author of the provocative books Culture Wars and The Death of Character.

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  1. Dick, excellent interview and conversation with Earl Palmer. I was very interested in hearing how both of you unpacked Hunter’s ideas and research.

    The only point I might take issue with is the discussion on “elites”, which I felt veered more into “elitism” – which Hunter clearly states is not what he is referring to. His view of elites is simply a result of the research of how culture changes, rather than a value judgement of a person’s or institution’s intrinsic worth. Nonetheless it is an awkward point to make in a culture that highly values egalitarianism.

    I would love to hear a conversation that explores more deeply some of the potential implications of the research and Hunter’s subsequent argument.

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