Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture


In this Kindlings Muse Live from KindlingsFest 2013 show, Dick Staub sits down with Nigel Goodwin, Art Miller, and Don Kiehl to look at the unique elements that shape what we were created to do with our lives. Art uses Motivated Abilities Patterns to help people to discover what they are gifted to do. To give some context how the Motivated Abilities Pattern works in a life, they walk through Dick Staub's profile. To follow along with the conversation, view the PDF for Dick's Motivated Abilities Pattern.


For more than 45 years, Art Miller, author of "The Truth about Youhas been seeking to influence the thinking of those who lead, manage, and influence our society's foundational institutions toward the conviction that accessing and productively utilizing the giftedness with which individuals have been endowed is the only way to achieve organizational and personal objectives, as well as to solve the besetting problems of education, work, religion, and the family.



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