Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

They have been called voices of a generation, gurus and faddish. We'll try to see what all the fuss is about. Sequins, ripped fishnets and your meat dress are optional. Host Dick Staub leads a sprawling brawling discussion about Madonna and Lady Gag with Dr Jeff Keuss, SPU Professor, Kristy Tenant, Seattle newcomer & host of IAM conversations, Jennie Spohr, ordained Presbyterian clergy and Ed Winkle, thoughtful analyst of faith and culture.

2 Responses

  1. It’s wonderful to hear thoughtful, relevant, respectful discussion on music and faith in this day. With the examination of these two artists, we have Madonna who has had time to mature as time and life has passed, whereas with Lady Gaga we see history come again. It will be interesting to see how new boundaries pushed, old pushed boundaries exposed, and a new crop of listeners will look in another 30 years.

  2. For years I prayed for Madonna, ached for the emptiness she must feel, longed to see her fulfilled in a relationship with Christ. After her “Sex” book, I did in fact abandon her. Thank you for the thoughtful discussion, reminding me again of her humanity.

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