Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

A Dick Staub Interview with Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell has a knack for taking complex subjects and reducing them to their simplicity. His The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference is an example. In this fascinating interview we explore how certain ideas, products and movements take on a life of their own, and how others don't; the consequences are significant for anyone who desires to influence culture.

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  1. This was my first acquaintance with this author and his book. The idea of there being a ‘tipping point’ where ideas in culture are concerned was very intriguing. (From what I heard so far, it seems to be something that’s hard to pin down. I hope not, since catching that moment seems to be the key to making the change!) I look forward to hearing the rest of the interview.

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