Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture


Kindlings Fest is a celebration of art and ideas and where they intersect with the spiritual.  This years Kindlings Fest on Orcas Island asked, "Can Crabbed age and youth live together?" Through film, talks, panel discussions, art, music and casual conversations we explored what it is that keeps generations apart and what can bring them together.

Through poetry, music, and story Malcolm Guite talks through Ten Ways together that we can reconnect across generations:

  1.  You Yourself are Intergenerational! Start by remembering and befriending your inner child, the one that dreamed Dreams and saw visions.
  2. If you are a youth still in touch with your inner child, how about getting in touch with your outer adult?
  3. Practice Hospitality especially with the other generation.
  4. Learn to love the unlike (Unlike you) - you can always like the like but you can only love the unlike.
  5. Get out of the ghetto (musically, culturally), turn your badges of separation into bridges of connection.
  6. If you are a lost tribe find your tribal elder
  7. If you are lonely elder, find your lost tribe.
  8. Don't just confine yourself to the three generations when there are three hundred at your disposal.
  9. Notice where your shadow falls and who is in it, don't stand between one another and the light, but turn to it together.
  10. Draw communal strength from the great rites of passage. If you've lost or forgotten the great rites, then remember and reinvent them!