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pico_iyer A reprise of a Dick Staub Interview with Pico Iyer discussing his book of essays titled The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home. His look at "international locales contends that the modern world-scurrying citizen, pushed by business demands or political migrations, can easily lose both roots and sense of home." (Amazon Review.) The Literary Quarterly has described Pico Iyer as "the poet laureate of wanderlust" and another called him Thomas Merton on a frequent flyer pass. "I am simply a fairly typical product of a movable sensibility," he wrote in 1993 in Harper's, "living and working in a world that is itself increasingly small and increasingly mongrel. I am a multinational soul on a multinational globe on which more and more countries are as polyglot and restless as airports. Taking planes seems as natural to me as picking up the phone or going to school; I fold up my self and carry it around as if it were an overnight bag."