Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

This is the very first official Kindling's Muse Podcast. It is the introductory segment from the 90-minute Kindlings Muse Broadcast originating live from Hales Ales Brewery and Pub ( on Monday May 22. Our subject is "Irreligious Seattle and The Spiritual Book Craze." On today's podcast I answer some frequently asked questions about The Kindlings Muse. On tomorrow's podcast you will hear: Greg Wolfe Editor of Image a Journal of "Art-Faith-Mystery" Heather Hawkins a Seattle actress. Bryan Burton theologian, a graduate of Queens College in Belfast Ireland.

Enjoy. Tell a Friend. And come back for more. Soon you'll be able to subscribe The Kindlings Muse as an iTunes podcast.

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  1. Now that we’ve launched our new website and podcast, I’d love to hear your feedback. If you post your comments I will read them! This site is for you so we want to know what you think! Post a comment today and let the conversation begin!

  2. We will be releasing the live show in incremental 5-10 minute podcasts. Tomorrow (Friday) you’ll hear the next segment. Eventually we may post longer podcasts, but the complete live show will result in 90 minutes worth of podcasts, a big audio file. As funds are available we plan on producing a weekly live show (We’re aiming for September), which means we’ll have enough content for a fresh new podcast every day! Almost like a live, daily radio show!

  3. Your comments about a media culture that thrives on conflict are right on target. Too many people are making careers of controversy! Real dialogue is difficult in such an environment but necessary if we are to build community against the culture clash.

  4. I hope to be able to hear you once again on the radio doing the inspired interviews and discussions that I have missed since you left Chicago. My first thought when I saw the name ‘Kindlings’ was that you had subconsciously (or perhaps purposely) blended the name of the ’round-table of thoughtful creatives and gadflies’ that CS Lewis and his friends called ‘The Inklings’ with that of his beloved home that has recently been such an important part of your life. In any case it is a good name.

  5. Re: Radio. We hope the live event will be picked up as a weekend syndicated radio show and are already talking with a network about this. Re: The Kindlings name? Last summer in Oxford I met the world’s leading “atheist” Anthony Flew, a 90 year-old Oxford scholar who had just declared his “theism.” He talked about going to the “Bird and Baby Pub” as a student and trying to sit near the table where the “Inklings” held forth(CS Lewis, Tolkien and others),because their conversation was so invigorating. I wondered: what would happen if we engaged in intelligent conversation in a pub and did it in front of a live audience? The name “Kindlings Muse” is close to “Inklings” but really grows out of our desire to provide “illumination” for our pilgrimage.

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