Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

f_crown_05_h There is no question that retailing God is becoming big business…But what is the thoughtful, spiritual creative to make of it? Does the T-shirting of faith trivialize God? Do the "bobble-head Jesus figures," diminish the divine or accentuate God's humanness in Jesus? Is making money off of retailing God an abomination like moneychangers in the Temple or a wonderful way to blend faith and making a living? Does a high-end, artful fashion statement represent a more appropriate direction for integrating faith and fashion? In this episode of The Kindlings Muse we explore the high and low art of the "Retailing of God" enterprise. We start with a special feature from our own Bill Hogg, "Mr. Hogg goes shopping," followed by our guests: Shawn McNally from Vox Sacra, internationally awarded stylist Annie Willhoite from the Bocz salon and David Wahl from novelty retailer Archie McPhee. (TKM Segment 3 of 3)

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  1. Do you think the general population now learns about Jesus mostly thorugh cartoons (like South park) videos, images and toys rather than through the Bible? If so, do we have a responsibility as Christians to teach through these mediums? Can we promote God/Jesus through these mediums or are we simply announcing that we are Christians?

  2. Is this a question of good or bad art? By that I mean art that truly reflects who we are. No one would say Andy Warhol did bad art and yet the cheesy Jesus T-shirt is moving in that direction. It seems that a truly artful Warhol-esque shirt is no more or less fashion forward than a Vox Sacra shirt?

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