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Sports religionAre you the devout March Madness-managed brackets of college basketball, the face-painting fanatic World Cup and Premier League Soccer fan, the statistic biding baseball fan, or are you the NFL-loving 12th Man? Sports have taken on a level of devotion, discipleship, worship, and community more often associated with the church-going public. An online discussion at Seattle Pacific Seminary considered the value of rescheduling Sunday morning services to accommodate Seahawks games. Are churches providing as 'spiritually transcending experiences’ as can be found in sporting events? Why does devotion to a game or team looks so much like devotion to one’s faith? Does this speak to our longing for a shared-purpose and desire to worship en masse?

Listen in on this intelligent discussion about "Sports as Religion: March Maddness, Superbowls and the Faith of Fan Culture", Hosted by Dr. Jeff Keuss, with panelists Dr. Matthew Kaeming, Executive Director of the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture, Dale Cannavan, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at SPU and Kindlings Muse Producer Anna Miller.