Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

TKMVanceWingsFinalWhat is it like to make your living with your art? The fame? The fortune? The Limos? Each of us has a unique creativity but only a few pursue their artistic impulses... and only a few of those are able to make their living at it. The rest wonder---chip away at their novel, poem, songwriting, painting Wonder if they should give it a go. Is to too late? Tonight we'll get acquainted with three who have pursued the artistic life. Rick Stevenson is an accomplished Director/Writer/Producer whose latest movie, EXPIRATION DATE was filmed in Seattle, has been invited to over 50 film festivals around the world and has taken over 30 prizes. Jeff Berryman is a playwright, novelist, actor, and teacher probably best known for "Leaving Ruin," his novel and one-man show that chronicle the story of Cyrus Manning, a West Texas pastor. Sam Vance has been active in the Pacific Northwest arts scene for 20 years in a number of different mediums including music, theatre and the visual arts. He is currently the Director of Public Programming for Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. Photo above shows a winged Sam Vance at The Glass Museum.

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  1. Wow. I was just reminded of a dream that I had buried along with some traumatizing pain that I experienced a few years ago. Its like breaking the surface of water when you’ve been under for too long, and that first breath is drawn like a blade, quick and bright. I’m going to speak to crowds of wounded, disappointed Christians. Through fine art, they will once again know the good, the gentle, the attentive heart of God. Our God, the dream caster.

  2. You’re correct that religion has taken man to the front of the bus, and stashed creativity in the baggage department. The same emphasis has been stockpiled on top of nature, conservation and ecology. I’ve just returnded to my office from a choir practice at my church. My church, First Baptist Church Jackson Mississippi is the most dynamic church in Mississippi. Our pastoral and music worship is incredibly reverent and compelling. It is a worshipful experience to sing, pray and kneal with these christians.
    I’ve followed my creative spirit for many years and am mixing my life with levels of introduction into my art. It is a slow process, since I’ve determinded that I need to do it within the means of paying as I go. I’m a photographer. I investigate ecology and nature. I’m not a unique man in this interest but it is heart and mind involvement and my blend of experiences give me an eye different from what I see in the flow of natural history photographs. I want beautiful photos, but I want those that shake your corner stone, bring you to the Garden of Creation, and excite the beginning of time in man and woman. That’s our foundation and we have deserted that which grew us through the centuries. We’re domesticated animals. We’ve left our our heritage in the overcrowded storage.
    I picked up a book at church today. Your in it, one of the devotionals about Becoming a Curtually Literate Christian. Ike like what you say, being some thoughts I’ve had in my past.

  3. Well, all I can really say is that even though I’m not living through my art, yet, it does permiate everthing I do to the point of thinking about it at work and wanting to leave early or not hanging out with friends to finish it. It’s dark stuff that I write but I like to think that there’s a moment of realization at the end of the tunnel that keeps it from being to depressing.

    I’m glad God gave me that ability though. I don’t know who I’d be without it.

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