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golden_compass This special edition of TKM at the Movies with host Dick Staub, focuses on the controversial Phillip Pullman, whose trilogy is getting a big boost from a film based on the first book, The Golden Compass. The show was suggested by a most interesting friend and independent thinker, Adrian Wyard of the Counterbalance Foundation, who desires that Christians not overreact. We are then joined by our regular guests, Jeffrey Overstreet film critic, author of Auralia's Colors and Through a Screen Darkly, and Greg Wright Managing Editor of and Past the Popcorn.

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  1. I saw it last night but I can say that the things, if any, that would “offend” Christians were few and far between. The Christians that would be offended by it are probably the same people who would/are/will always be offended about Harry Potter. It’s NOT, repeat NOT A FAMILY FILM! The violence shows that, those of you who have seen the film will understand what I’m talking about.

    There’s no church or anything similar into the film. They use the word “heresy” but it seems to be a word that’s synonomous with not excepting the current political beliefs and rules as Pullman set up in the books. The first film does what Eragon did, set up the universe and it’s rules, that’s also it’s shortcoming.

    One big problem with the film is that there’s no overhanging threat. LOTR had Sauron and Harry Potter has Voldemort, you were reminded of it constantly and understood what would happen if the hero fails. There was nothing like that in Golden Compass.

    Also, if this film takes place in another realm, there’s no frame of reference what time on Earth this is taking place. If it’s modern day then the enemy, if he tries to take earth, or our realm, they’ll be horribly, HORRIBLY out gunned! As some comic I read said, “We’ve had practice killing each other for hundreds of years.”

  2. Well said. Looks like they missed their opportunity and should have interviewed you. Personally it took several chapters to realize this was well constructed. I almost trashed the book before part two.

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