Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture


Laurie Wheeler is one of the finest preachers in America. She is a pastor serving on the staff of University Presbyterian Church. She is a scholar having completed an M Div. at Fuller Theological Seminary, and is currently completing her PhD in NT at Durham. More importantly, she is passionate about the Kingdom of God and helping each person find their place in it.

At Kindlingsfest 2013, Rev. Wheeler explores how communion is integral to Reimagining The Good Life, but she will shake up your understanding of community. She explains how you cannot truly experience the Good Life apart from a community in four parts:

  1. I Tell You a Mystery
  2. Communion is a Verb
  3. Choose Your Covenant Carefully
  4. Beds and Tables

"What is the Good Life when we don't share all the same goods, the same space? We are not called to Community but to Communion..."