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luci shaw An American traveling in Africa hired a guide to lead him through the jungle to a remote village. In the mid afternoon the guide stopped and began to set up camp for the night. The American impatiently asked why they weren't taking advantage of the remaining daylight to make more progress towards their destination. "We have traveled very fast and must allow time for our souls to catch up with our bodies" replied the guide. During this advent season, when we think about the significance of the word becoming flesh, we trying to make space to allow our souls to catch up to our bodies. Our theme is "The Incarnation: An Artful Evening." Philip Zaleski Editor, The Best American Spiritual Writing, described our first guest, Luci Shaw as "one of America’s most thoughtful spiritual poets." This year (2006) What the Light Was Like, Accompanied by Angels, The Genesis of It All. We also enjoy music with Mark Mohrlang of Pickwick and Mortimer.

Fra Angelico: The Annunciatory Angel
Fra Angelico