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Oh Come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant!
Faithful, joyful and triumphant! That's how I think about you and everybody else partnering with me in the Kindlings movement.
At Christmas we remember that God arrived as baby Jesus to start his kingdom in a small, seemingly insignificant out of the way place. Thirty years later he recruited twelve seemingly undistinguished followers and set in motion a crazy plan that included the death and departure of Jesus and a hand off to twelve bickering and befuddled disciples.
The Kindlings also started out small with a commitment to build a relational network of thoughtful, creatives for whom God is of central importance. We wanted together, in community, to do our part to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of Christians in culture.
We set out to let this unfold God's way. We were a bunch of recovering workaholics, befuddled but not bickering, who wanted to yield to God's will instead of charting the course we thought right. We figured if we could make things happen in our own strength and wit, God probably wasn't in it. So we headed off on a crazy God-directed path.
Now here we are twelve years later, producing 50+ Kindlings Muse podcasts a year listened to by 1000's of people around the world. There are now 100+ alumni of our small, by-invitation Kindling's Hearth Retreats, and nearly 400 people from all over the country and world attend our annual summer KindlingsFest on Orcas Island.
And yet, we still remain a very personal, relational movement, content to be faithful to our original vision and best of all, for those who support us financially, we still operate on a shoestring budget and we've never been in debt. We have no full time employees and we accomplish everything we do on a pay-for-project basis.
That is not to say we don't need generous financial support from you and our other fellow Kindlings, especially now as we seek to lay a foundation for a bright future for the Kindlings while still meeting our current financial obligations.
Increasingly I am handing off more responsibilities to next generation "Kindlings." Like me, they all have full time jobs elsewhere, but want to dedicate more time to advancing the work of the Kindlings. This broader involvement is very exciting and is absolutely necessary for the future of the Kindlings, but it will require additional funding. By December 31st we need $35,000 to meet our regular year-end operating costs. Then on top of that we'll need an additional $36,000 to continue our much-needed expansion in 2012. Please help if you can.
Thank you for considering a generous year-end donation to the Kindlings!
Gratefully, Dick Staub, Founder of the Kindlings
Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow!

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