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2007AcademyAwardStatue-thumb-300x363Dick Staub welcomes you to the annual Theology of Academy Award Nominees show in which we ask three questions of the best picture nominees: 1) Where is God or Who is God in this film? 2) What is the human condition/dilemma addressed in this film? 3) What is redemption in this film and how is it found? On our panel is Jeffrey Overstreet, film critic and author; Jennie Spohr, producer of The Kindlings Muse and Gregory Wright, managing editor of Hollywood & Past the Popcorn and publisher of W. John MacGregor's West of the Gospel, due to be released this summer. The ten nominees are: Avatar: An Education; Up in the Air; Inglourious Basterds; A Serious Man; Hurt Locker; Up; District 9; Precious and The Blind Side.

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  1. Could someone post the three movies that Jeff Overstreet thought deserved mention (towards the end of the podcast): The first one was Summer Hours, but the names of the other two were hard to make out.

  2. I think you say in your podcast that the opening dialogue in “A Serious Man” is in French – it’s actually Yiddish.

    On a technical note – you seem to have changed something about your recording setup that makes it harder to listen to your podcasts via headphones. I imagine the audio was a lot more compressed before – so there weren’t sudden peaks whenever the audience applauded or someone laughed really loudly – making painful listening on headphones.

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