Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

oscars-60.jpgSince the 1960's films have engaged the questions once the domain of religion: Who is God? Who are Humans? Where did we come? What is our biggest problem? How do we resolve it? Where are we going? Andrew Greeley put it this way," my thesis is simple enough: popular culture is a theological place”the locale in which one may encounter God. Popular culture provides an opportunity to experience God and to tell stories of God to, to put the matter more abstractly, to learn about God and to teach about God." In this podcast hosted by Dick Staub, we'll join Jeffrey Overstreet film critic, author of Auralia's Colors and Through a Screen Darkly, Jennie Spohr, film producer, producer of The Kindlings Muse and Greg WrightManaging Editor of & Past the Popcorn in a discussion of the theology this year's academy award best picture nominees.

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