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This May Be The Last Time

“Our Histories are not written, they are spoken through stories, they are told through our songs.”

In this Sundance Film Review, Dick Staub and Dr. Jeff Keuss discuss and review "This May Be The Last Time." Director Sterlin Harjo’s first full length documentary explores the heritage of Native American song, told through the sound sand story of the Seminole and Muskogee (Cree) tribes in Oklahoma. What are these songs? Are they adopting a white man’s religion or is it something they have made into their own?

In the search for understanding the disappearance of his grandfather in 1962, Sterlin Harjo unveils the tension between the Christianity and Native tradition of his home. He finds a native generation trying to carry forward their story through song that is intertwined their Christian heritage. Listen to this in depth review live from Sundance 2014.