Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

b-host-un Bob O' Donnell is a filmmaker, broadcaster (he produced "Unshackled," the longest running radio drama on the planet!) and actor who created the first documentary (and many say the best) of C.S. Lewis. New to the Seattle area--we wanted to get a firsthand account of his amazing work in collaboration with Walter Hooper on a documentary and companion book "Through Joy & Beyond." He is joined later in the discussion by his son Marty O'Donnell, audio Director at Bungie studios (creators of Halo).

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  1. Dick: I’ve got a copy of Through Joy and Beyond, VHS, but I’ve not heard of Bob’s other documentary work on Lewis. Are there any plans to make it available? Does it still exist?
    Great conversation – thanks!
    Rev. Beckmann

  2. A question at the end was to whether Warnie had ever come to faith. Mr. O’Donnell’s answer was that he did not know. I would refer anyone concerned to the title, Brothers and Friends: The Diaries of Major Warren Hamilton Lewis, edited by Clyde Kilby and Marjorie Meade. In short, the chronology states that on May 9, 1931, Warren returns to belief in Christianity. The editors note: …He was no hero, no saint, and yet he was a good man – devout in his attempts to live a Christian life. Dr. Kilby told me from his home, in Columbus, MS, shortyly before his death and around the title in mention’s publication, that he considered his friendship with Warnie to have been one of the most importantly cherished ones in his life…that he considered him to be a Christian gentleman. (The recorded incident of September 28, 1931, of C.S. Lewis’ return to belief in Christianity while riding to Whipsnade Zoo in the sidecar of Warren’s motorbike has always intrigued me…a wonder at what, if any, influence Warnie may have had as driver?). The chronology also records that on January 19, 1932, Warren receives a letter from “Jack” informing him that both brothers share in the return to Christianity. THANKS FOR YOUR PODCASTS! Further Up & Further IN!!!

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