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Using the archives is quite simple.

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Click on a venue tab: Hales Ales, Earl Palmer, The Movies, CS Lewis Other (IAM, Taproot Theatre, IMAGE) KindlingsFest/WinterFest, Nigel Goodwin and Friends, Dick Staub Interviews.

Then Scroll through the list of shows. (Some are posted in multiple parts, so please start with #1 and follow in sequential order of segments)

Option 2: Enter Keyword In “Search The Archives”
Keyword could be a:
GUEST: Jerry Root, Malcolm Guite
HOST: Dick Staub, Jenny Spohr, Jeff Keuss
AUTHOR: C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Anne Lamott. Anne Rice.
BOOK TITLE: The Great Divorce, Lord of the Rings (or LOTR)
MOVIE TITLE Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Wall-e, Hunger Games
ARTIST U2 , Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan.
SUBJECT: Art. Siri. Sexism.

Then Scroll through the selections (if any).

NOTE: Our archives are under construction. We apologize for inconvenience. For instance: Some shows are posted in multiple parts.
If a segment is missing let us know and we will try to find the missing segment and post it.)

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