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Youth Teens are leaving the church. According to the National Opinion Research center, in 1998 only 16% of 18 to 22 year olds had an active ongoing relationship with the faith of their parents. In "Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers" Christian Smith concludes that even when living at home and active in church, teens are embracing an aberrant Christianity, which he describes as moralistic, therapeutic deism." Ask teens why they’re leaving the church and they may say: 1) I never experienced God there; 2) My tribal associations are stronger outside church than in it; 3) The issues that matter to me aren’t addressed at church and the issues addressed at church don’t matter to me; or, 4) I never saw anything in my parents that made me want to be a Christian. On this edition of The Kindlings Muse, "Why teens are leaving the church and why they are right to do so," with guests Bill Hogg and Ryan Beattie.

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  1. I’m curious what any of you think of Mark Yaconelli’s book “Contemplative Christianity” and his very different description of authentic youth ministy.

  2. Could it be that young people read about Jesus in the Bible and just don’t see that in the Church? Is the problem related to the divide between the sacred and the secular that young people don’t make and many in the Church do?

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