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51birch003 51 Birch Street is a story by documentary filmmaker Doug Block, who had every reason to believe his parent's 54-year marriage was a good one. So he isn't prepared when just a few months after his mother's unexpected death his 83-year old father phones to announce that he's moving to Florida to live with Kitty, his secretary from 40 years before. This compelling story has attracted rave reviews including New York Times film critic A.O. Scott, Jim Emerson of the Chicago Sun-Times and, all of whom named 51 Birch Street one of their top ten films of the year. The story raise provocative issues about secrecy in families and also raises ethical issues for filmmakers. Here to discuss the film at Windrider Film Forum are: John and Ed Priddy from Priddy Brothers Entertainment, Craig Detweiler from Fuller Seminary's Brehm Center and the producer of The Kindlings Muse, Jennie Spohr.