Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture


The Kindlings is a movement inspired by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers and a diverse group of gadflies and friends called The Inklings, who met in an Oxford pub each week for lively conversation and friendly disputation. We think such discourse should be intelligent, imaginative and hospitable. Our aim is to rekindle the spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of Christians in culture.

We are a place where thoughtful creatives for whom God is of central importance can explore ideas that matter in contemporary life together through our live events, podcasts, festival events and artist retreats. The Kindlings welcomes people to participate in our events regardless of religious affiliation.

About our Kindlings Muse hosts:

Many of our shows are hosted by:
Jeff Keuss a professor of theology, a researcher and writer on theology, literature and contemporary culture, a friend and teacher, a reclusive monk in some places and a sideshow freak in others. He is the author of Blur: A New Paradigm for Understanding Youth Culture and Your Neighbor's Hymnal: What Popular Music Teaches Us about Faith, Hope, and Love.

Dick Staub whose award-winning signature interview have been described as a cross between Studs Terkel, Jon Stewart and Charlie Rose. A veteran talk show host and author, his most recent book is About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive

Our other hosts include Bill Hogg, Craig Detweiler and more.


  1. PARTICIPATE ONLINE in our forums and comments with other thoughtful creatives exploring ideas sparked through your personal journey and our shared cultural experiences in art, movies, books, music and more. LISTEN online or on Itunes and share with friends.
  2. COME TO THE SHOW if you live or are traveling in the Seattle area, register for a Kindlings Muse live event.  The Kindlings Muse is  taped for podcast and features a live audience and round-table panel of thoughtful creatives and gadflies discussing ideas, beliefs and values shaping life today.
  3. COME TO KINDLINGS FEST our bi-annual celebration of art and ideas and where they intersect with the spiritual.This four-day getaway provides just the right mix of free time for you and your family to enjoy the refreshing wonders of Orcas Island while drinking in the morning lectures and day's end relaxing Bag End Café with Nigel Goodwin
  4. PRAY for our Kindlings Hearth retreats. These invitation only weekend retreats are designed to rekindle the holistic spiritual, intellectual and creative legacy of Christians in culture. Check out the websites of our alums.
  5. DONATE The Kindlings is supported entirely by donations. We welcome your contributions to The Center for Faith and Culture via PayPal or by mail: The Kindlings C/O CFC. PO Box 729, Eastsound, WA 98245