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Cutting Cocaine Ryan is a young man from Colorado in his early twenties who I met last summer. He read a poem about his addiction to cocaine. It was an act of bravery and as far as I am concerned the poem is a public service. Here are some introductory comments by Ryan and then the poem.

"I struggled with a cocaine addiction for a little over a year. As time went on circumstances became worse. But through help, counseling and much prayer I cleaned up and have stayed sober from it. In my pursuit in life as a Christian I am becoming aware that there are many spiritual battles in ones life. That satan will use any means that he can to divert our paths from the Lord. It is not always drugs, or other things that we may associate with being "evil" most often it is the more settle actions and life styles; money, heavy t.v. viewing, eating, jealousy, etc..This poem describes what is taking place in the worldly act and high of cocaine, and the spiritual act that is taking place at the same time."

"Blown Away"
Ryan Miller

Dusty is the table,
So like the love in my heart.

Sharp is the razor,
Like the words of my tongue.

Hollow is the straw,
Like the vacuum in my eyes.

Numb is my face,
Like the goodness I despise.

Locked is my jaw,
Like a prison for my thoughts.

Rushed is my blood,
Like the draining of my soul.

Short of breath,
Like the shortness of life I explore.

Choosing more,
Choosing a separation from the spiritual core.

6 Responses

  1. i really like this, i showed it to a friend of mine who is addicted to cocaine and she is now getting help, not just by the poem, but the fact that i went out of my way to find something to show her that she isnt alone….thank you for writting this wonderful poem

  2. Thank you Angie,
    All the best to you and blessings to your friend in her time of need.
    -Ryan Miller

  3. I really like this poem I was dealing with a drug addiction for for quite a few years and I was really stuggling with cocaine. Luckily I got into treatment and now proudly 6 months Clean and sober.

    But Ryan i really do like this poem thank you and I hope you keep having better things come your way

  4. A great poem Ryan. It reminds of my own personal struggle.

    I also like this one.


    The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. — Samuel Johnson

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