Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

Greg Wolfe, Heather Hawkins and Bryan Burton respond to audience questions and comments. Robert Deeble brings us another song "The Secret Life Of Emily Dickinson, from his "13 Stories" album and playwright and actor Jeff Berryman reads the late Stanley Kunitz' poem "The Layers. Originating from Hales Ales Brewery and Pub our first live "The Kindlings Muse" draws to a close. We love to hear your comments--post them below.

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  1. “We talk about cultural warfare inside and outside the church, but it seems Seattle and America is leaning towards a relativistic “what works for you is fine” attitude. How mush is this true? – Ben

    “Both the conversation regarding persuasion and truth are founded on the premise that we must get somewhere. Why are we so concerned with “getting somewhere?” That seems so Western and so monological. We spend so much time trying to get somewhere that we can’t even see where we are! Which is what this “conversation” feels like tonight – monologues without tension.” – Josh

    “The ethnology of “religion” is re-ligare, re-bounding; then religion is about community, bounding God and humans and individuals. Would you say that the institution of church as we know it is tolerant community? Is church opening a space to build community? What would be your version of community churches?” – anonymous

    “How much of the public’s willingness to “swallow” fiction like the DaVinci Code is born of a reduction in the ability/willingness of the people to think through. Research and logically debate current events instead of simply “toleration” (i.e. believing) fringe ideas or theories?” – CJ

    “Is it possible that the appeal of the DaVinci Code has less to do with who Jesus is and more to do with who we are and how important we want to be? – Nikki

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