Rekindling the Intellectual, Spiritual, Creative legacy of Christians in Culture

StaubLobsterKindlingsFest 2013 attempted to answer the timeless question posed by Aristotle, "What is the Good Life?" Dick Staub began the week with a look at where we've come from, what hasn't worked, where we are going and offers an answer to Aristotle in that the Good Life is a Godward Life. His first time speaking at KindlingsFest after years of hosting it, Dick Staub critiques how  our culture, and Christianity, has failed to live out the Good Life, how we are in one of  the most spiritually hungry ages in history. Dick offers a candid response with lessons from his own life, that inevitably asks: What talents and gifts has God invested in you? What are you doing with them? How are you becoming fully human, and thus fully the person God made you to be?